Park Sutton


The LORD has allowed my family and I to serve in this great church for the past 15 years. The first six I served as Assistant Pastor and the last nine years as Senior Pastor. During that time we have experienced so many blessings from the LORD it would be hard to recount them all. I am thankful for God’s call to Preach and that I get to do it here.

The unofficial slogan of Calvary Baptist Temple has become “Where God’s Still Good”. I did not read that on a post card somewhere or even on a church calendar but rather it was born out of the fact that God really has been so good to us. If you are looking for a place to Worship the LORD or even just a place to be reminded of how good God has been or can be then Calvary Baptist Temple may be the place for you. Come and experience for yourself the goodness of the LORD. I am so glad that God has called us here to Pastor this wonderful Church and to allow our children to be raised here. PRAISE HIS NAME.

Pastor Park Sutton