Nursery: All services
We have a well equipped, clean nursery with capable, caring workers.
We care for newborn infants through two years.
You are welcome to bring your precious little ones while you enjoy the preaching of God’s Word.
The nursery is available during all services.

Sunday School: Sundays 9:30 AM
Sunday school is held every Sunday at 9:30 AM. We have classes for all ages!
There are the following classes for all those under the age of twelve.

  • 4th – 5th grade boys class
  • 4th – 5th grade girls class
  • 1st – 3rd grade boys and girls class
  • Pre-school class

There is a Nursery for all of those that are too young for the pre-school class.

All classes for those in the sixth grade and below are taught from a packaged curriculum. The curriculum is set up so each class is taught at a level that is age appropriate for the class, but all classes are learning the same basic Biblical principle on the same mornings.
All children’s classes are taught by Church Members who have met CBT’s criteria for teaching a Sunday School class.

Junior Church: Sundays 10:45 AM – For kids 6th Grade and older
Junior Church is held simultaneously with Super Church and the adult Preaching service. It is designed for young children that are too young to pay attention and participate in Super Church but are too old for the nursery.
Activities range from singing songs, playing games and story telling to time to color pictures or do other small crafts.
A snack of cookies and kool-aid is usually served near the end of class.

Super Church: Sundays 10:45 AM
Super Church is what CBT calls their Children’s Church. It is held simultaneously with the adult preaching service. Super Church is for children in the 1st through sixth grade. Children younger than the first grade attend Junior Church or are put in the nursery. Children older than twelve years of age or in the seventh grade, attend regular preaching services with the Youth Group.
Each service starts with singing songs, announcements and prayer. This is followed by a message based on the Bible but given to show the children how the Bible story or principle applies to their lives today.
Each service ends with an invitation where children are given the opportunity to meet individually or in small groups with an adult helper concerning their salvation.
Throughout the year there are special super church events, such as obstacle course Sunday, Water Balloon Sunday and other similar activities. Notification will be sent home with the children if any special consideration is needed for bringing a change of clothes or appropriate dress for a special event. There is always a short message given, even on a special event Sunday. We believe that the Gospel should be preached whether we are in class or out on a special event.

Vacation Bible School
Come and join us each night for VBS!
It will be an awesome time for children to learn about God in a fun filled setting.
Games, puppets, lessons and more will invite the children to discover just how great God truly is.
We will have great outdoor games, delicious snacks, fun puppet shows, and of course a wonderful lesson from the Bible.
Each night there will be prizes for everyone and special characters who will visit and challenge the children to serve God.
Ages 4yr through the 8th grade are encouraged to attend. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement!

Youth Camp:
Youth Camp is always in the summer months and is one week long, usually Sunday evening to the following Saturday afternoon.
Silver State Baptist Youth Camp is located west of Denver about fifteen miles.
The weeks activities include daily preaching and Bible study mixed with a healthy dose of organized outdoor activities and some individual, free time each day.